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Article 232. Values and Principles of Public Service

(1) The values and principles of public service include–

  • (a) high standards of professional ethics;
  • (b) efficient, effective and economic use of resources; responsive, prompt, effective, impartial and equitable
  • (c) provision of services;
  • (d) involvement of the people in the process of policy making;
  • (e) accountability for administrative acts;
  • (f) transparency and provision to the public of timely, accurate information;
  • (g) subject to paragraphs (h) and (i), fair competition and merit as the basis of appointments and promotions;
  • (h) representation of Kenya’s diverse communities; and (i) affording adequate and equal opportunities for appointment, training and advancement, at all levels of the public service, of–
    • (i) men and women;
    • (ii) the members of all ethnic groups; and
    • (iii) persons with disabilities.

(2) The values and principles of public service apply to public service in–

  • (a) all State organs in both levels of government; and
  • (b) all State corporations.

(3) Parliament shall enact legislation to give full effect to this Article.