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About Us

AfroCave is a civic education and socio-political awareness website that is full of knowledge designed with Kenyans in mind. AfroCave presents fascinating knowledge about Kenya.

The website covers topics in areas of politics and governance (including public finance) and society in Kenya. AfroCave combines the best content, technology, and distribution capabilities to connect with thousands of engaging Kenyans who rely on us for knowledge.

We welcome you to join our tribe of enthusiastic and friendly folks. People just like you who are crazy about learning something new and, more importantly, valuable knowledge you can share with your friends.

This website encourages progressive ideas. Any form of hate, prejudice or discrimination is not supported.

AfroCave aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the amazing topics and facts about Kenya. Right from the onset, AfroCave has focused on developing the highest quality pool of information with our audience in mind. Our major driving force is to be open, informative, insightful and impartial.

AfroCave hopes to develop a community of friends and followers on social media and offline that benefits a lot from the information shared in this site.

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