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Cycling Clubs in Nairobi and Other Parts of Kenya

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The existence of the various cycling clubs in Nairobi is a benefit to many cyclists. An African proverb says that “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” The cycling groups in Nairobi fulfil this saying to the end.

The cycling clubs cater to different riders, from beginners, amateurs, intermediate and professional riders. Above all, they provide a way for cyclists to interact, motivate each other and provide awareness on cycling.

This article provides a list of some of these cycling groups in Nairobi that you can join. Some are exclusive to men, women (and girls), while others are for everyone.

I have also included a list of cycling clubs in Kenya outside Nairobi at the end of the article. These include those in major cities. I will update the list as new information comes up.

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Cycling clubs in Nairobi

Let’s now look at some of the cycling clubs in Nairobi that you might want to join.

1. Critical Mass Nairobi

Critical Mass is not a cycling club but a monthly event held by Nairobi cyclists on the last Saturday of every month (except December). The mission of Critical Mass is to make Nairobi a more cyclist-friendly city and getting people out of their cars and onto bicycles.

The event is open to all cyclists who want to see changes in the cycling culture in Kenya. The changes include the availability of infrastructure and equal rights for cyclists on the roads. The meeting point is at Jevanjee Gardens (Nairobi) by nine a.m.

Cyclists ride through the streets and neighbourhoods of Nairobi to create awareness about cycling as a fun, safer, greener, healthier, cheaper and more efficient means of transport. In the process, they also create awareness for the motorists and pedestrians about the necessity of sharing the road.

The event also aims to create a passion and awareness for commuting by bicycle. It is a free event for all cyclists with whatever type of bike they have (yes, even black mambas!). The planners announce the route to cycle on the event day.

For more inquiries about Critical Mass, talk to Cyprine on +254 (0) 739 595659. Like their Facebook page Critical Mass Nairobi to be notified when the cycling events take place.

2. DadaRides

DadaRides is a women-driven group that empowers women to take up cycling for transportation, fitness and source of income (that is, being a mechanic).

DadaRides is a Community-Based Organisation (CBO). It has a racing group, DadaRides Cycling Club.

The CBO is at Kenya Railways Club in the Nairobi Business District (CBD). DadaRides comprises all women riding bikes. It does not matter what age you are or how fast you can ride. You are welcome to sign up with them.

The entry fee is KES 1000 to become a member of DadaRides. If you want to join their monthly ride, it is KES 200 for non-members and KES 100 for members.

They focus on riding within Nairobi town and it’s surroundings. Their monthly ride is more of an awareness ride (that is, creating awareness about women on bikes, encouraging motorists and pedestrians to share the road, among others.)

You can follow them through their social media accounts: Twitter @DadaRides, Instagram @Dada_Rides, and Facebook @DadaRides. Their website is at

DadaRides also has income-generating activities. These include a bike mechanic seminar at an entry fee of KES 300 to non-members and KES 200 to members every weekend.

They also have a WhatsApp group. To become a member of DadaRides, talk to Sally) through the following contacts: +254 (0) 716 433028 or +254 (0) 773 670554 or

3. RDX Express

RDX Express is a cycling group that usually congregates in Ruiru for group rides. They can also meet at any other venue they choose. It caters for riders who live along Thika Road and its environs.

The group consists of riders of all levels and ages. It is open to anyone with a bike. The group carries out its rides on Saturday and Sunday, usually 80 kilometres or more. They also do long-distance touring on bicycles occasionally as part of local tourism (Tembea Kenya).

The group caters to fast-paced riders mostly, so beginners should be aware of this or those interested in casual or slow pace riding.

The group is planning to register formally to have structure. The requirements to join the group are minimal. To join them, find their Facebook page, RDX Express Ryders. They also have a WhatsApp group.

4. The Ladies Sunday Cycle

The Ladies Sunday Cycle is one of the cycling clubs in Nairobi that cater for women cyclists. They ride every Sunday depending on the weather conditions or other cycling activities, for example, cycling races.

They are welcome to women of all ages and cycling proficiency (for example, beginners). All their rides are free. They alternate their cycling routes among Karura Forest, Limuru and Kasarani, and each ride is an average of 40 kilometres.

They do not have a WhatsApp group, but you can confirm your attendance for their weekly rides by contacting +254 (0) 711 182376 or +254 (0) 717 285016 or join their Facebook group, The Ladies Sunday Cycle-Nairobi.

5. Cycling Adventures and Fitness (CAF)

The Cycling Adventures and Fitness (CAF) cycling club caters to Ruaka, Banana, Runda, Ndenderu and Limuru. It is open to all levels of cyclists.

Children are also welcome to join, but their parents or guardians should accompany them on group adventures. Entry is free. They do daily rides depending on the availability of members.

To join them, contact Kagai on +254 (0) 713 449471.

6. Top Team Cycles

Top Team Cycles and Fitness is a bicycle shop and a cycling club located in Lang’ata. It caters for those in the Lang’ata area. They have bi-monthly rides of a minimum of 20 kilometres depending on the number of people in attendance. The group meets at the Top Team Cycles and Fitness bicycle shop for every ride.

The group accommodates both beginners (including those who have not been cycling before but are interested) and elite cyclists. They do different routes on every ride. To join them, reach out to Ken on +254 (0) 706 994999 and like their Facebook page,Top Team Cycles.

7. Danaa Riders

Danaa Bike Tours is a bike touring company located in Nairobi and Iten, Eldoret. Besides bike tours, they have group rides for members within and outside Nairobi. They sometimes collaborate with RDX riders.

They welcome anyone interested to join them on their group or tour rides. Their motto is “life is a ride.” In their own words, the motto means a lot to the founders and riders that “truly feel their bicycle life.”

Their Facebook page is Danaa Bike Tours and Danaa Bike Tours on Instagram too. They also have a YouTube channel for tour videos and educative videos for local amateur riders.

You can contact Reagan of Danaa Bike Tours on +254 (0) 728 710929.

8. ExtraMilers Cycling Club

Also known as Miles and Hope. The International Christian Center began this as a cycling charity Bikeathon in January 2013.

It seeks to get everyone to “take an extra mile” to raise funds to bring hope to orphaned and vulnerable children through sponsoring them for early childhood development and primary education.

This cycling club is at International Christian Centre, Nairobi West. Anyone is free to join and be part of their initiative. They cycle to educate orphans and vulnerable children.

Members pay KES 500 per month or KES 200 for their weekly rides. The club cycles every Saturday starting at seven a.m from Nairobi West. They share their weekend rides on all their social media platforms.

To join them, contact Benji on +254 (0) 729 796096 or Charles on +254 (0) 723 969746. You can also find them on social media through Facebook Miles and Hope, Twitter @extramilersicc and Instagram @extramilersicc. Moreover, find their website at They have a members-only WhatsApp group.

9. Kitengela Cycling Club

Kitengela Cycling Club was established in 2019 by a group of cyclists that reside in the region. The main aim was to create awareness of the importance of fitness in the community through cycling. However, they were also looking forward to making cycling a community team building activity.

They hold monthly rides to different locations starting from Nyika Place. To join them, reach out to Samurai Joe on +254 (0) 789 123182 and like their Facebook page, Kitengela Cycling Club.

10. The Sunday Cycle

The Sunday Cycle is a group bike ride that happens every Sunday. All are welcome to have fun and grow a community of cyclists while pedalling. It is more suited for those with road bikes (and it is fast-paced). It caters to those in Westlands, Muthaiga and Parklands areas.

Check their Facebook group, The Weekend Cycle – Nairobi. It is also where they post their weekly rides. For a contact person, look up Hashim Zuzu in the group.

11. Waiyaki Way Cyclists (WWC)

As the name suggests, this cycling group caters for all riders who live along the Waiyaki Way and its surroundings. They ride on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and some public holidays. There welcome both beginners and experienced riders and organise their rides for both types of riders.

They communicate their rides through their WhatsApp group. To join the group, contact Jack Siro on +254 (0) 115 586529. He will also add you to their WhatsApp group.

12. Kasarani Cycling Community

This cycling group serves the People who live in Kasarani and its environs. Those along Thika Road can also join the club. They communicate their rides through their WhatsApp group and in their Facebook Group.

Most group rides take place during the weekend. They accommodate different cyclists depending on their skill level. To join the group, contact DJ Vowxs at +254 (0) 714 998321.

13. TipwaTipwa

They ride every 3rd Saturday of the month and organise a riding event (biycle ride or duathlon) every quarter of the year in different locations. Their monthly ride stats from Lavington mall. Contact +254 (0) 708 418440.

14. Cyclopedia

Cyclopedia is “a family oriented” cycling club based in Nairobi. They hold beginners’ rides every Saturday of approximately 40km-50km which are friendly for kids aged 7 and above and also beginners.

On Sundays, they do their long distance rides of between 120km-200km. Some Sunday rides are joint rides for all riders (beginners, amateurs, intermediate and elite) with different distances for each category.

Once in a while, they have long rides that accomodate women. They also participate in local races as a team.

Cyclopedia’s rides can be found on link tree every week.

Other Cycling Clubs in Kenya

Here is a list of other cycling clubs in Kenya for those who live outside Nairobi.

15 Critical Mass Mombasa

It is similar to Critical Mass Nairobi. However, the rides may not coincide with those in Nairobi. Therefore, to know when the rides take place, contact +254 (0) 723 028108 or +254 (0) 788 345314 and like their Facebook Page and follow them @criticalmassmsa on Twitter and Instagram.

16. Nyeri Cyclist Club

It is an established group for cyclists in Nyeri county with a membership of more than 100 and rising. The social services department of the county registered it too. It comprises riders from all regions of Nyeri county.

To join, contact the group’s chairperson (James) on +254 (0) 721 515583.

17. Meru Cycling Club

This club began in 2019. To join, you need a bicycle and a helmet. They ride on Sunday and have over 40 active members. If you live (or are) in Meru and you want to join the club, contact Gilbert Murungi on +254 (0) 721 153003 and like their Facebook page Meru Cycling Club.

18. Evamor Kisumu Bike Club (KIBICU)

It is a cycling club in Kisumu centred around the Migosi estate. They usually ride along Kondele-Kibos-Chiga and Kondele-RIAT routes. You can contact the founder, Evans Odhiambo, on +254 (0) 719660577 (and be added to their WhatsApp group). You can also like their Facebook page, Evamor Kisumu Bike Club.

19. Cycle 4 Fun Nakuru

Based in Nakuru, this group cycles for FUN and the thrill to exercise as they explore nature while making friends, memories and enjoy amazing rides with strangers who become cycling family. They also organise one huge monthly ride similar to Critical Mass. You can join the group by contacting +254 (0) 732 724901.

20. Taita Taveta Cyclists

It came to exist in 2018 as a cycling-for-fun group with passionate riders. Based in Voi and has activities both in Taita Taveta county and in other places as well. It incorporates sporting and touring activities as well as outreach programmes. You can reach George on +254 (0) 780 589013 to be added to their WhatsApp group and join their Facebook group, Taita Taveta Cyclists.

21. Kapsabet Bike Club

It is a cycling group from Nandi County located in Kapsabet. They meet on the last Sunday of the month and do a ride of more than 60 kilometres. They have a WhatsApp group for the members. Registration fee is KES 500 for permanent members and you can reach out to their patron (Mykeys) for more information on +254 (0) 714 853424.

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