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Types of Bicycles in Kenya by Functional Classification

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There are different types of bicycles in Kenya that you can find in bicycle shops. There are very many types of bikes that you can group by different classifications. In this article, we are going to see the different types of bicycles by their function.

By functional classification, we mean the purpose for which the bike applies.

Cycling is popular in Kenya, whether for sport, leisure, workout, commute, labour and business. Therefore, we must address the types of bicycles in Kenya that you can find in most bicycle shops.

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Types of Bicycles in Kenya

This list intends to present the bikes you can buy and use for sport, leisure, commute, and workout. The list includes three common types of bicycles in Kenya that you are likely to find in any bicycle shop. Hence, it is not exhaustive or detailed.

This list applies to beginner cyclists, especially those who want to buy a bike or upgrade. It is a list of some of the best bicycles in Kenya based on their popularity.

Here are the photos of all these bicycles.

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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes (or mountain bicycles) are bicycles whose design is for off-road cycling. Their main characteristic is the large and knobby tires, flat handlebars and (usually come with) a front or full suspension fork(s).

The design of a mountain bike helps enhance the durability and performance of a rider on rough terrain. They also have lower gear ratios for easier climbing of steep climbs and most come with three chainrings at the front (though most newer brands are switching to double and single chainrings).

The bigger tires of the mountain bike compared to a road bike helps with navigating rough terrains, unpaved roads and also through portholes. Mountain bikes are among the best bicycles in Kenya in use alongside the popular black mambas.

If you visit any of the bicycle shops in Kenya, you will find out that, in most cases, mountain bikes are cheaper than road bikes. It is because, generally in cycling, the lighter the bike, the more expensive it is. The parts and components take much time and more resources to make the more they weigh less, hence the price.

Most people own mountain bikes and consider them the best types of bicycles in Kenya. They are not aware of or have not tried other types of bicycles, hence the bias.

Road Bikes

Road bikes, or road bicycles, are for speed or competitive cycling (for example, racing). They work best on paved roads such as tarmac from where they derive their name.

The visible characteristics of road bikes are the drop handlebars (though some may have flat handlebars) and slick tires. They also often have two chainrings in the front (unlike mountain bikes with one or three, though some old road bikes also have three.).

Since they are for speed, road bikes do not have a suspension fork. The fork helps to insulate the rider from the roughness of the terrain. Thus, they are not for offroad cycling.

Hybrid Bikes

As the name implies, a hybrid bicycle blends the features of both a mountain bike and a road bike. It combines the best of both bicycles, for example, the speed of a road bike and the stability (and comfort) of a mountain bike.

Hybrid bikes adopt the upright riding posture and flat handlebars of a mountain bike and the lightweight, thinner tires of a road bike, allowing for great speed on the road. The bikes are general-purpose bikes that are useful for light offroad riding and also road riding.

Hybrid bikes are slower than road bikes but faster than mountain bikes. You will also often find that hybrid bikes have thicker tires than road bikes but are thinner than mountain bikes since they are a hybrid of the two types of bicycles.

Hybrid bicycles and mountain bikes are usually the best types of bicycles in Kenya for general commuting, although you can use any other bicycle as you wish.

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