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Bicycle Shops in Nairobi Kenya to Explore!

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There are many bicycle shops in Nairobi Kenya and you are spoilt for choice when you want to buy a bicycle in Kenya. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, these shops will stock most of what you need. They provide bicycles for sale in Nairobi, Kenya.

With the constant traffic mess in Nairobi, cycling is becoming an alternative means of transport for many people. That is why many people are looking for bicycles for sale in Nairobi and also bicycles for sale in Kenya in general.

You can also buy a bicycle in Nairobi and have it transported to any other location in Kenya.

Apart from commuting, biking (or cycling) is an important way to keep fit or even to hang out with friends. Many cyclists make new friends through cycling or cycling events and groups.

These bicycle shops in Nairobi stock quality bicycles (new and second hand). You can be sure to receive quality services from them if you’re looking for bicycles for sale in Nairobi. That’s why I think you definitely should check them out!

You can find a good selection and a wide range of bicycles if you want to buy a bicycle in Kenya from these shops ranging from:

  • mountain bikes to hybrid bikes and even road bikes.
  • bicycles for adults in Kenya or children.

Apart from bikes, (some of) these shops stock accessories too such as shoes, cycling (or bib) shorts, helmets, et cetera. They also offer bicycle repair services, bicycle spare parts and bicycle hiring services.

One of the features I like about the bikes sold by some of these shops is the quick-release wheels. This has proven to be a lifesaver for me on different occasions, for example, when I get a flat or when transporting my bike using a vehicle.

Some of the shops also deliver bikes to your doorstep and other parts of the country either for free or at a fee. Therefore, make sure you confirm with the seller about your requirements for delivery.

It is also worth noting that most of these bike shops operate on a schedule of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekends (and some do not open on Sunday). Some also close shop from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM for the late shoppers.

Most of these bicycle shops both sell bicycles and also do repairs.

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The Bicycle Shops in Nairobi

You can get a bicycle at an affordable price or based on your budget from any of these bicycle shops in Nairobi. Also, ensure you follow due diligence and research based on consumer responses on the shops. Recommendation on my part does not necessarily mean endorsement.

0. AfroCycles

This is not a bike shop (yet) in the traditional sense, but my own (small and growing) online shop. I sell bicycle accessories, ranging from bike lights, gloves, speedometres, mini pumps, bike repair kits, among other items.

If you would like to purchase bike accessories from me, check my catalogue on WhatsApp (on your mobile phone or WhatsApp Web) that I update periodically with new stock. You can then “Add to Cart” to purchase the items you choose. You can also follow my Facebook page. I deliver countrywide.

1. Pedalling Powerhouse

I have bought several bikes from this shop. It is also my first go-to shop when I need a pre-owned bike.

The shop owner, Will Ma, stocks the best quality second-hand bikes (e.g. ex-UK and ex-US) for adults. You are sure to get a quality bike that is worth your price. You can also find bicycle accessories and repair services in this shop.

Pedalling Powerhouse is located on Murang’a Road some metres past the Desai Road footbridge (when coming from Nairobi CBD). You can reach Will Ma on +254 (0) 704 651636.

2. TopTeam Cycles & Fitness

This shop is located in Lang’ata, off Kitengela Road next to Akiba Estate (alight at Mobil bus stage). They offer services such as (new and used) bike sales, repair services and accessories. Also, they offer bike training, touring and adventure services.

The owner, Kennedy Mwangi, can be reached at +254 (0) 706 994999. I have bought two bikes from this shop and I was amazed by the quality of bikes I saw. It is also one of my go-to shops for bikes.

3. Spin Doctor Bike Shop

This is a shop located along Kamiti Road right before you reach the Mirema bus stop (just before Zimmerman). They also have a second bike shop in Marurui on the Northern Bypass. The bike shop sells (pre-owned) bikes and also offers bike repair services and accessories.

The Mirema shop has good bikes for kids with some very good deals and varieties. The owner is Dokta Jonte and his contact number is +254 (0) 717 562165.

4. Bike Shop Kenya

Bike Shop Kenya is located in the Hardy Post Mall, Karen. It offers (new) bikes, bike parts, bike clothing, accessories and bike seminar services. The owner is David Caroll and his phone number is +254 (0) 746 512 809.

Bike Shop Kenya is also one of the few bicycle shops in Nairobi with a website, This is the shop I would recommend if you need new and quality bicycles from famous brands such as Giant and its sister brand, Liv.

5. Green Cycle Shop

Green Cycle Shop is one of the popular bicycle shops in Nairobi. The shop sells high end pre-owned (second-hand) bikes although their prices can be higher compared to other shops on this list. If you need to hire a bicycle in Nairobi, or even import one, Green Cycle Shop offers those services too.

The owner’s name is Patrick and his phone number is +254 (0) 717 786681. The shop is located at Mariada Gardens Restaurant, Muthangari Gardens, Off Muthangari or Gitanga Road, Lavington.

6. Roy’s Cycle Mart

This bike shop is located in Githurai 45. The owner is Roy aka Rozza Cyclist whose phone number is +254 (0) 724 490616. They sell (new and pre-owned) bikes and offer services like repair and spares. This is one of your go-to shops if you are on a budget (especially for road bikes).

7. Cycloville

Cycloville is a bike shop located in Seasons Road Kasarani. It also stocks (pre-owned) bicycles and also offers bicycles for hire in Nairobi and repair services and accessories. Their website is at and the contact number is +254 (0) 724 428769.

8. Wheels of Africa

Wheels of Africa describes itself as “A cycling organization aimed at taking cycling in Kenya to the next level”. They are located at Ring Road Kilimani and offer services such as bike selling, repair and accessories. They also offer bicycles for hire in Nairobi. Their phone number is +254 (0) 716 701676.

9. Elite Bike Shop & Service

Elite Bike Shop & Service offers a wide range of new and Ex-US bicycles for you to choose from. In addition, they service faulty bikes as well as rent bicycles in Nairobi to adventurers. The shop is located at Wood Avenue, Kilimani Estate and their contact number is +254 (0) 724 752015.

10. Bikes 4 Kenyans

The shop is located in Eastlands, just a short distance from the Total petrol station (also known as Caltex Outering Rd) and just 400m behind Consolidated Bank. They offer bikes, accessories, apparel and spare parts. You can ring the owner, Gideon Ritho, on +254 (0) 721 212162.

11. Digo Emporium aka Digocycle

The shop’s owner is Dipak Nagda and it is located at 35, Enterprise Road (Industrial Area). The shop (or warehouse) is a dealer, wholesaler & importer of Trinity bikes, Chaoyang tyres, among other accessories. You can reach Dipak at +254 (0) 733 603954 or +254 (0) 723 437070.

12. Tabbs Bike Shop

This is a shop run by Brian “Tabbs” Brayo situated at Taarifa road in Parklands. This is your go-to shop for new and used bikes, training, and marshalling services. Brian’s contact number is +254 (0) 723160554. This is the shop I recommend if you are looking for cycling shoes.

13. Decathlon

As the name implies, this shop stocks different merchandise for different types of sports with cycling being one of them. It is located at The Hub Mall, Karen. You can find all types of new cycling accessories here at an affordable price.

They also sell new BTWIN brand bikes ranging from city bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. Their contact number is +254 (0) 746 743638 and their website is

14. Bikes World

This shop is situated along the Eastern bypass a few metres off Thika Road and Eastern Bypass roundabout in Ruiru. The owner is Dennis Kibebe and his number is +254 (0) 726 729737. You can get all kinds of bikes and bike services from this shop including accessories and repair services.

15. the bike village

The bike village sells quality used bikes for adults and kids. It also services all types of mountain bikes, road bikes and kids bikes. The shop also offers bicycles for rent in Nairobi at affordable rates. They are located at Lunar Park. You can reach the owner, Rajab Okiru, on +254 (0) 721 549655.

16. Crank Pedallers

This shop is located at Kihunguro in Ruiru. They deal in ex-UK used and new products including bicycles and bike accessories. You can reach them on +254 (0) 704 486093.

17. Sokonii

This shop is located at Fedha Estate Junction along Outering Road towards Taj Mall. They have great prices for ex-USA kids and adults bike. They also offer bicycles for rent in Nairobi. You can reach Odero on +254 (0) 757 573915.

18. Infinity Baiskeli

This bike shop is located at Treasure Gardens – Argwings Kodhek Road (opposite Kilimani Primary School). Their catalogue of bicycles seems to be on the higher end though in terms of prices. You can reach them at +254 (0) 0717 893 854.

19. Memon Sports Shop

This bike shop is located in Pangani. They deal with new and used bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories and cycling gear, sportswear and sports equipment. Contact them using +254 (0) 797 005903.

20. Zuzu Bike Shop

This bike shop is located along United Nations Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a bike shop and a service centre dealing with bike accessories, bike sales and bike services. You can reach them at +254 (0) 748 989801.

21. Nancy Cyclist’s shop

This bike shop is located in Mirema, Kasarani. They deal with both adult and kids bikes and cycling accessories and services. Contact them through +254(0) 704 117652.

22. Urban Rock Cycles

This shop is located along Taarifa Road Parklands. They sell bicycles for all ages and cycling accessories, including bike wash and repairs. You can reach the owner named Bongo on +254 (0) 707 652499

Others To Check Out

Check out these guys who sell and deliver cycling accessories within Nairobi (and also outside Nairobi) either for free or at a fee.

  • Britken Bikes - they supply bikes and cycling supplies. You can also contact them to import a bicycle for you. Find them at;
  • Cate Karis- She sells cycling shoes. Contact her on +254 (0) 703 342053;
  • Reagan - He sells cycling shoes. Contact him on +254 (0) 737 050813.

I hope that this list of bicycle shops in Nairobi has helped you if you are looking for bicycles for sale in Nairobi.

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