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Article 114. Money Bills

(1) A money Bill may not deal with any matter other than those listed in the definition of “ a money Bill” in clause (3).

(2) If, in the opinion of the Speaker of the National Assembly, a motion makes provision for a matter listed in the definition of “a money Bill”, the Assembly may proceed only in accordance with the recommendation of the relevant Committee of the Assembly after taking into account the views of the Cabinet Secretary responsible for finance.

(3) In this Constitution, “a money Bill” means a Bill, other than a Bill specified in Article 218, that contains provisions dealing with–

  • (a) taxes;
  • (b) the imposition of charges on a public fund or the variation or repeal of any of those charges;
  • (c) the appropriation, receipt, custody, investment or issue of public money;
  • (d) the raising or guaranteeing of any loan or its repayment; or
  • (e) matters incidental to any of those matters.

(4) In clause (3), “tax”, “public money”, and “loan” do not include any tax, public money or loan raised by a county.