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Types of Election Offences in Kenya

  • Author Gĩthĩnji
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The Election Offences Act defines the types of election offences in Kenya as follows–

  • Offences relating to register of voters;
  • Offences relating to multiple registration as a voter;
  • Offences relating to voting;
  • Offences by members and staff of the Commission;
  • Maintenance of secrecy at elections;
  • Personation;
  • Bribery;
  • Undue influence;
  • Use of force or violence during election period;
  • Use of national security organs;
  • Offences relating to elections;
  • Use of public resources;
  • Participation in elections by public officers;
  • Unlawful expenditure;
  • Offences relating to the use of technology in elections;
  • Employers to allow employees reasonable period for voting;
  • Aiding and abetting offences;
  • Breach of Electoral Code of Conduct;

For a detailed explanation of the election offences in Kenya, see the Election Offences Act.

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