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The Role of Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya

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The Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya came to exist in the year 2007. It was a unit under the Directorate of Information and Research services following a resolution of Parliament.

The office further got legal backing when parliament enacted the Fiscal Management Act 2009 (FMA). The Act established the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya as an office in the Parliamentary Service Commission.

The office later rose to become to a directorate in 2010.

Sections 9 and 10 of the Public Finance Management Act contain further provisions on the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya.

The office continues to exist as an office of the Parliamentary Service.

The Office shall consist of persons appointed on merit based on their experience in finance, economics and public policy matters.

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Role of the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya

The role of the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya is to-

  • provide professional services in respect of budget, finance, and economic information to the committees of Parliament;
  • prepare reports on budgetary projections and economic forecasts and make proposals to Committees of Parliament responsible for budgetary matters;
  • prepare analyses of specific issues, including financial risks posed by Government policies and activities to guide Parliament;
  • consider budget proposals and economic trends and make recommendations to the relevant committee of Parliament with respect to those proposals and trends;
  • establish and foster relationships with the National Treasury, county treasuries and other national and international organisations, with an interest in budgetary and socio-economic matters as it considers appropriate for the efficient and effective performance of its functions;
  • subject to Article 35 of the Constitution, ensure that all reports and other documents produced by the Parliamentary Budget Office are prepared, published and publicised not later than fourteen days after production;
  • report to the relevant committees of Parliament on any Bill that is submitted to Parliament that has an economic and financial impact, making reference to the fiscal responsibility principles and to the financial objectives set out in the relevant Budget Policy Statement; and
  • propose, where necessary, an alternative fiscal framework in respect of any financial year.

In carrying out its functions above, the Parliamentary Budget Office in Kenya shall observe the principle of public participation in the budgetary matters.

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