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Role and Functions of the County Secretary in Kenya

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The functions of the County Secretary in Kenya are important in the coordination of the county executive. Section 44 of the County Governments Act establishes The Office of the County Secretary.

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Qualifications for a County Secretary in Kenya

A person shall be qualified for appointment as a county secretary, if that person–

  • is a citizen of Kenya;
  • holds a degree from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • has at least ten years of relevant professional experience;
  • has at least five years’ experience in a leadership position at a senior management level in public service or private sector organization; and
  • meets the requirements of leadership and integrity as prescribed in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

The county secretary is the secretary to the county executive committee. The county secretary is an ex officio member of the County Executive Committee with no voting rights.

The county secretary shall hold office for a term of five years and shall be eligible for reappointment once.

Grounds for the removal of a County Secretary

The county secretary may be removed from office on the following grounds–

  • inability to perform functions of the office arising out of physical or mental infirmity;
  • incompetence;
  • gross misconduct;
  • bankruptcy; or
  • violation of the Constitution.

Before removal, the county secretary shall be informed, in writing, of the reasons for the intended removal.

A county governor may remove a county secretary from office subject to the grounds above and conditions of appointment.

Functions of the county secretary in Kenya

The functions of the county secretary in Kenya are as follows.

The county secretary is the head of the county public service (Article 235 of the Kenyan Constitution). Public service means the collectivity of all individuals, other than State officers, performing a function within a State organ.

The county secretary is responsible for arranging the business and keeping the minutes, of the county executive committee subject to the directions of the executive committee.

The county secretary also conveys the decisions of the county executive committee to the appropriate persons or authorities.

Lastly, the county secretary may perform any other functions as directed by the county executive committee.

The County Public Service Board may delegate, in writing, any of its functions to the county secretary.

The national government ministry or government department responsible for matters relating to intergovernmental relations may, in collaboration with the relevant county secretary, consult with the cabinet secretary for finance on any matter of support relating to finance at the county level.

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