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Article 148. Election and Swearing in of Deputy President

(1) Each candidate in a presidential election shall nominate a person who is qualified for nomination for election as President, as a candidate for Deputy President.

(2) For the purposes of clause (1), there shall be no separate nomination process for the Deputy President and Article 137 (1) (d) shall not apply to a candidate for Deputy President.

(3) The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission shall declare the candidate nominated by the person who is elected as the President to be elected as the Deputy President.

(4) The swearing in of the Deputy President-elect shall be before the Chief Justice or, in the absence of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and in public.

(5) The Deputy President-elect assumes office by taking and subscribing–

  • (a) the oath or affirmation of allegiance; and
  • (b) the oath or affirmation for the execution of the functions of office, as prescribed in the Third Schedule.

(6) The term of office of the Deputy President shall run from the date of the swearing in of the Deputy President, and shall end–

  • (a) when the person next elected President at an election under Article 136 (2)(a) is sworn in;
  • (b) on the Deputy President assuming the office of President; or
  • (c) on resignation, death or removal from office of the Deputy President.

(7) The Deputy President may resign from office at any time by notice, in writing, addressed to the President and the resignation shall take effect on the date and at the time specified in the notice, if any, or if a date is not specified, at noon on the day after the notice is delivered.

(8) A person shall not hold office as Deputy President for more than two terms.