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Article 123. Decisions of Senate

(1) On election, all the members of the Senate who were registered as voters in a particular county shall collectively constitute a single delegation for purposes of clause (4) and the member elected under Article 98 (1) (a) shall be the head of the delegation.

(2) When the Senate is to vote on any matter other than a Bill, the Speaker shall rule on whether the matter affects or does not affect counties.

(3) When the Senate votes on a matter that does not affect counties, each senator has one vote.

(4) Except as provided otherwise in this Constitution, in any matter in the Senate affecting counties–

  • (a) each county delegation shall have one vote to be cast on behalf of the county by the head of the county delegation or, in the absence of the head of the delegation, by another member of the delegation designated by the head of the delegation;
  • (b) the person who votes on behalf of a delegation shall determine whether or not to vote in support of, or against, the matter, after consulting the other members of the delegation; and
  • (c) the matter is carried only if it is supported by a majority of all the delegations.