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Article 67. National Land Commission

(1) There is established the National Land Commission.

(2) The functions of the National Land Commission are–

  • (a) to manage public land on behalf of the national and county governments;
  • (b) to recommend a national land policy to the national government;
  • (c) to advise the national government on a comprehensive programme for the registration of title in land throughout Kenya;
  • (d) to conduct research related to land and the use of natural resources, and make recommendations to appropriate authorities;
  • (e) to initiate investigations, on its own initiative or on a complaint, into present or historical land injustices, and recommend appropriate redress;
  • (f) to encourage the application of traditional dispute resolution mechanisms in land conflicts;
  • (g) to assess tax on land and premiums on immovable property in any area designated by law; and
  • (h) to monitor and have oversight responsibilities over land use planning throughout the country.

(3) The National Land Commission may perform any other functions prescribed by national legislation.