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Article 26. Right to Life

Article 27. Equality and Freedom From Discrimination

Article 28. Human Dignity

Article 29. Freedom and Security of the Person

Article 30. Slavery, Servitude And Forced Labour

Article 31. Privacy

Article 32. Freedom Of Conscience, Religion, Belief And Opinion

Article 33. Freedom of Expression

Article 34. Freedom of the Media

Article 35. Access to Information

Article 36. Freedom of Association

Article 37. Assembly, Demonstration Picketing and Petition

Article 38. Political Rights

Article 39. Freedom of Movement and Residence

Article 40. Protection of Right to Property

Article 41. Labour Relations

Article 42. Environment

Article 43. Economic and Social Rights

Article 44. Languge and Culture

Article 45. Family

Article 46. Consumer Rights

Article 47. Fair Administrative Action

Article 48. Access to Justice

Article 49. Rights of Arrested Persons

Article 50. Fair Hearing

Article 51. Rights of Persons Detained, Held in Custody or Imprisoned