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Article 226. Accounts and Audit of Public Entities

(1) An Act of Parliament shall provide for–

  • (a) the keeping of financial records and the auditing of accounts of all governments and other public entities, and prescribe other measures for securing efficient and transparent fiscal management; and
  • (b) the designation of an accounting officer in every public entity at the national and county level of government.

(2) The accounting officer of a national public entity is accountable to the National Assembly for its financial management, and the accounting officer of a county public entity is accountable to the county assembly for its financial management.

(3) Subject to clause (4), the accounts of all governments and State organs shall be audited by the Auditor-General.

(4) The accounts of the office of the Auditor-General shall be audited and reported on by a professionally qualified accountant appointed by the National Assembly.

(5) If the holder of a public office, including a political office, directs or approves the use of public funds contrary to law or instructions, the person is liable for any loss arising from that use and shall make good the loss, whether the person remains the holder of the office or not.