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Article 217. Division of Revenue

(1) Once every five years, the Senate shall, by resolution, determine the basis for allocating among the counties the share of national revenue that is annually allocated to the county level of government.

(2) In determining the basis of revenue sharing under clause (1), the Senate shall–

  • (a) take the criteria in Article 203 (1) into account;
  • (b) request and consider recommendations from the Commission on Revenue Allocation;
  • (c) consult the county governors, the Cabinet Secretary responsible for finance and any organisation of county governments; and
  • (d) invite the public, including professional bodies, to make submissions to it on the matter.

(3) Within ten days after the Senate adopts a resolution under clause (1), the Speaker of the Senate shall refer the resolution to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

(4) Within sixty days after the Senate’s resolution is referred under clause (3), the National Assembly may consider the resolution, and vote to approve it, with or without amendments, or to reject it.

(5) If the National Assembly–

  • (a) does not vote on the resolution within sixty days, the resolution shall be regarded as having been approved by the National Assembly without amendment; or
  • (b) votes on the resolution, the resolution shall have been–
    • (i) amended only if at least two-thirds of the members of the Assembly vote in support of an amendment;
    • (ii) rejected only if at least two-thirds of the members of the Assembly vote against it, irrespective whether it has first been amended by the Assembly; or
    • (iii) approved, in any other case.

(6) If the National Assembly approves an amended version of the resolution, or rejects the resolution, the Senate, at its option, may either –

  • (a) adopt a new resolution under clause (1), in which case the provisions of this clause and clause (4) and (5) apply afresh; or
  • (b) request that the matter be referred to a joint committee of the two Houses of Parliament for mediation under Article 113, applied with the necessary modifications.

(7) A resolution under this Article that is approved under clause (5) shall be binding until a subsequent resolution has been approved.

(8) Despite clause (1), the Senate may, by resolution supported by at least two-thirds of its members, amend a resolution at any time after it has been approved.

(9) Clauses (2) to (8), with the necessary modifications, apply to a resolution under clause (8).