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Article 209. Power to Impose Taxes and Charges

(1) Only the national government may impose –

  • (a) income tax;
  • (b) value-added tax;
  • (c) customs duties and other duties on import and export goods; and
  • (d) excise tax.

(2) An Act of Parliament may authorise the national government to impose any other tax or duty, except a tax specified in clause (3) (a) or (b).

(3) A county may impose–

  • (a) property rates;
  • (b) entertainment taxes; and
  • (c) any other tax that it is authorised to impose by an Act of Parliament.

(4) The national and county governments may impose charges for services.

(5) The taxation and other revenue-raising powers of a county shall not be exercised in a way that prejudices national economic policies, economic activities across county boundaries or the national mobility of goods, services, capital or labour.