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Article 204. Equalisation Fund

(1) There is established an Equalisation Fund into which shall be paid one half per cent of all the revenue collected by the national government each year calculated on the basis of the most recent audited accounts of revenue received, as approved by the National Assembly.

(2) The national government shall use the Equalisation Fund only to provide basic services including water, roads, health facilities and electricity to marginalised areas to the extent necessary to bring the quality of those services in those areas to the level generally enjoyed by the rest of the nation, so far as possible.

(3) The national government may use the Equalisation Fund–

  • (a) only to the extent that the expenditure of those funds has been approved in an Appropriation Bill enacted by Parliament; and
  • (b) either directly, or indirectly through conditional grants to counties in which marginalised communities exist.

(4) The Commission on Revenue Allocation shall be consulted and its recommendations considered before Parliament passes any Bill appropriating money out of the Equalisation Fund.

(5) Any unexpended money in the Equalisation Fund at the end of a particular financial year shall remain in that Fund for use in accordance with clauses (2) and (3) during any subsequent financial year.

(6) This Article lapses twenty years after the effective date, subject to clause (7).

(7) Parliament may enact legislation suspending the effect of clause (6) for a further fixed period of years, subject to clause (8).

(8) Legislation under clause (7) shall be supported by more than half of all the members of the National Assembly, and more than half of all the county delegations in the Senate.

(9) Money shall not be withdrawn from the Equalisation Fund unless the Controller of Budget has approved the withdrawal.