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Article 194. Vacation of Office of Member of County Assembly

(1) The office of a member of a county assembly becomes vacant–

  • (a) if the member dies;
  • (b) if the member is absent from eight sittings of the assembly without permission, in writing, of the speaker of the assembly, and is unable to offer satisfactory explanation for the absence;
  • (c) if the member is removed from office under this Constitution or legislation enacted under Article 80;
  • (d) if the member resigns in writing addressed to the speaker of the assembly;
  • (e) if, having been elected to the assembly–
    • (i) as a member of a political party, the member resigns from the party, or is deemed to have resigned from the party as determined in accordance with the legislation contemplated in clause (2); or
    • (ii) as an independent candidate, the member joins a political party;
  • (f) at the end of the term of the assembly; or
  • (g) if the member becomes disqualified for election on grounds specified in Article 193 (2).

(2) Parliament shall enact legislation providing for the circumstances under which a member of a political party shall be deemed, for the purposes of clause (1) (e), to have resigned from the party.