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Article 174. Objects of Devolution

The objects of the devolution of government are–

  • (a) to promote democratic and accountable exercise of power;
  • (b) to foster national unity by recognising diversity;
  • (c) to give powers of self-governance to the people and enhance the participation of the people in the exercise of the powers of the State and in making decisions affecting them;
  • (d) to recognise the right of communities to manage their own affairs and to further their development;
  • (e) to protect and promote the interests and rights of minorities and marginalised communities;
  • (f) to promote social and economic development and the provision of proximate, easily accessible services throughout Kenya;
  • (g) to ensure equitable sharing of national and local resources throughout Kenya;
  • (h) to facilitate the decentralisation of State organs, their functions and services, from the capital of Kenya; and
  • (i) to enhance checks and balances and the separation of powers.