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Church Leaders and Politicians are Similar in Kenya

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The church in Kenya and the political establishment are related. They are inseparable and have a symbiotic relationship. The church in Kenya claims to be distinct from politics but it has long been, not a parallel force to politics, but a competitor.

There was a time when the (Catholic) church in Europe owned armies, empires and influenced politics such as the appointment of Kings. It could even wage wars just like the monarchs and emperors of ancient times. In modern times, the church in Kenya, a colonial import, has behaved the same.

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Church in Kenya and politicians exploit Kenyans

The church in Kenya and politicians have their self-imposed benefit of refusing to pay taxes.

Politicians pass dubious laws to award themselves pay hikes and sumptuous allowances. In fact, Kenyan MPs are some of the best paid in the world.

The church in Kenya and its leaders also receive huge perks as tithes and other offerings from their followers. They do so through dubious promises of rewards that await these followers after they die. They preach utopia of a heaven full of riches and other whatnot.

Yet, both the church in Kenya and the politicians have distinct ways to ensure that they do not pay taxes.

While the politicians manipulate the law, the church leaders use sycophancy and brainwash. When the government placed the spotlight on the church leaders asking them to pay taxes in the past, they went on the defensive.

They said that they would mobilize their followers to protest against such ‘heinous demands’. They brainwash their followers that it is against their deity’s commandments to tax the church offerings.

Thus, both the leaders of the church in Kenya and the politicians take home huge untaxed salaries and allowances. They preach to their followers to give Caesar his due, yet fail to do the same. Talk of preaching water and drinking wine!

For the church in Kenya, they divert church resources to their deep pockets and coffers. Yet, churches in countries like the USA remit their returns annually. Why not tax the Kenyan churches? This is an area where the government should consider to ease the burden of paying taxes for the citizens.

The same applies to other organized religions like Islam. This excuse of the church in Kenya being tax-exempt should cease. This is not the ancient period when the rulers considered church leaders as part of the elite and exempt from paying taxes.

Church in Kenya and politicians love sycophancy

Another similarity of the church in Kenya and the politicians is their love for sycophancy.

The politicians bribe their electorate and appeal to their emotions to gain a cult-like following. The church leaders spread indoctrination and a fantasy world (heaven) to keep their followers in constant submission.

Both do this to ensure that their followers are always in constant fear so they do not question their actions.

The Church in Kenya threatens its followers with utopian hell if they don’t toe the line. It is not a secret that fear is the basis of religion and fear sustains it.

Politicians in Kenya also thrive on both fear and propaganda. They threaten their ethnic communities of dire consequences if they do not vote for “one of their own” as president.

This mentality by both the politicians and the church leaders has kept Kenyans minds clouded and the society backwards for years. Both continue to do so like a vicious cycle.

The church in Kenya and the politicians exploit the people’s gullibility to spread propaganda. They do not want people to be enlightened or to think for themselves. That would be dangerous to their establishment since an enlightened population knows how to make wise decisions.

Moreover, an enlightened population will stand up against their own (mental) oppression. The church in Kenya and the politicians do not want that at all.

Often, people with questionable characters lead the politics and the church in Kenya. They do not care about serving people or prudent leadership. Their motivation is greed and they value money and power above everything else. They pretend to be enthusiastic about the plight of the people they pretend to serve.

Their mission is primarily to promote their selfish interest and side-lining the interests of the public. They accumulate money gained from exploiting the masses and use it to sustain their lavish lifestyles and stash the extra money in offshore accounts. The church leaders and politicians are among the most corrupt in the country.

The church in Kenya and politicians also have endless competition and thirst for wealth. Both are known to own large tracts of land, most of which they grabbed. This adds to the big incomes they earn from other enterprises set up using the church tithes or their big salaries.

They also cover up the means of how they earned this wealth. They fail the masses terribly. Their work becomes to live lavish lifestyles at the expense of the ordinary people, most of whom are poor. These two are opposed to lifestyle audits which would unearth them as the scum of the earth.

Church leaders and politicians brainwash Kenyans

Through their sycophancy and brainwash tactics, the church in Kenya and the politicians kill progressive minds.

Again, their failure to pay taxes is unethical and increases the burden of paying taxes on the citizens they exploit. Accumulation of wealth at the expense of the masses portrays consequential greed.

Selecting, electing or appointing people of questionable characters to politics shows pathetic levels of integrity and accountability. They are not shepherds but wolves in sheep clothing.

Kenyans are living in both political and religious neo-colonialism propagated by the church in Kenya and the politicians. The two are one and the same. That is why we need an enlightened population to put an end to these demigods who exploit them. We cannot rely on hyenas anymore to protect the goats.

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